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Common cross-curricular activities

The whole student body must necessarily complete transversal activities; some are common to all doctoral studies and others are specific to each programme.

When to take them.

Common transversal activities are designed to be taken throughout the period of doctoral training. Activities 1 and 2 have been created for the first phase of doctoral training whereas activities 3 and 4 have been created for a more advanced phase of the doctoral programme.

How to take them.

Activity 1 “Herramientas para la gestión y recuperación de la información” is offered exclusively in the distance training modality.

The rest of activities (2, 3 and 4) will be available on both, the on-site and distance modalities.

Each activity can only be taken once, meaning that one activity cannot be taken in different modalities or in different courses. It can also not be taken if it has been subject to recognition or validation.

How to enrol

Using the “Anuncios” platform in UACloud students will be informed about when they have to fill in the registration form, this information will also be found in the “Noticias” section of the website and in the EDUA´s social media.

Using the “Matrícula” platform in UACloud students will be able to fill in the registration and choose the ON-SITE or DISTANCE modalities.

The enrolment period will open approximately two weeks before the beginning of each of the activities which will be the same for both modalities.

The dates of finalisation will not coincide. In the distance modality it will finish approximately three weeks later than in the on-site modality.

How to access the academic record.

Go to UACloud  - Academic file, where you will see the profile that corresponds to the study plan for these activities: HC13 ACTIVIDADES FORMATIVAS TRANSVERSALES OBLIGATORIAS DOCTORADO.

Once the activity has been done and marked by the corresponding professors, the administrative Secretariat will include it on RAPI after a maximum time period of one month after the professor has notified his final grade.


If you have any doubts or enquiries click on this link.


Information about contents, teaching staff and common compulsory transversal training activities’ timetables


To learn about specific compulsory transversal training activities you need to check each doctoral programme's information page, in the section "common and specific transversal training activities" and in each of the information pages you can check the section for "information about the academic commission and proposing body". 

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