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PRE-ENROLMENT PERIOD 1ª PHASE: 15/09/2018 TO 30/09/2018

Notice from the Academic Committee of the PhD Program in Tourism about the NON-AVAILABILITY OF PLACES in the following lines of research: (1) Planning and management of tourist destinations, (2) Tourism and local development, (3) Local society and impacts of tourism, (4) Management of natural resources and tourism, (5) Territorial planning of tourism, (6) tourism management of the coast area, and (7) Tourism and development in interior spaces.

  1. Fill in the pre-enrolment form(available only during pre-enrolment periods)
  2. If the presented access degrees are foreign and do not belong to the EHEA, you must pay a fee for the equivalence study of non-validated foreign studiesand present a certification from the university of origin where it states that the degree in question grants access to doctoral studies in the country which issued said degree. The bill for this fee can be downloaded electronically from within the pre-enrolment form. It may be paid electronically (via banking card) from the pre-enrolment form. It may also be printed for its physical payment in any of the banks that appear on the bill via international transfer. Once the administrative secretariat of the EDUA confirms that the fee has been paid correctly, we will proceed to carry out the equivalence study of the foreign degrees attached to the pre-enrolment. If this study is deemed favourable, the procedure will continue. 
  3. In the pre-enrolment form you must attach all the requested documents in each section.

The academic commissions may communicate to the EDUA the resolutions of admissions until 15/10/2018.

4. If the applicant is not accepted by the Academic Commission and/or does not meet the access requirements the Administrative Secretariat of the EDUA will communicate said situation.

If the applicant is accepted by the Academic Commission and meets the access requirements he or she will receive an e-mail with the access key for UACloud CV so that they can complete their registration.

Should you have any questions, please consult the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS SECTION , if it does not appear on this list, get in touch with the Administrative Secretariat of the EDUA through the following form.

You may also consult how to carry out a PhD here.