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The ones included in the PhD degree in which you have registered as well as any other activity deemed relevant by the thesis tutor or director for the research that is being carried out.

There are two types of skills training activities:

A) Cross-curricular or common skills training activities (common for all PhD candidates). These are four skills training activities.

B) Specific skills training activities. These activities are classified in compulsory and optional.

You must have completed all compulsory skills training activities (both common and specific skills training activities) at the time of applying for PhD oral examination. 

You must enrol in common skills training activities within the deadlines established for this purpose in this calendar.

Enrolment procedure:

  1. Go to the UACloud platform
  2. Select the "REGISTRATION" option
  3. Choose profile HC13
  4. Depending on the activity you want to register, you must select:
    1. Activity 1: carried out in on-line learning mode only and you must select the group to which your PhD degree belongs.
    2. Rest of activities: carried out in both on-line and on-site learning modes.

On-line activities are carried out through the MOODLE platform. Access is available from the starting date of the activity until the end date. Check the activities calendar.

The activities successfully passed will be included in the PhD candidate academic record, after completion and the evaluation by the teaching staff, before the joint annual evaluation by the PhD degree coordinator.

Specific skills training activities and any other activity not included in the study programme, although of research interest, will be registered by PhD students in the RAPI, through the tap "Activities", within the active academic year.

Recognition/validation can be applied for the COMMON skills training activities by filling out this FORM and send it, along with the accrediting documents, using the first link of this page.

In order to validate specific skills training activities for activities completed before the PhD degree registration, the PhD student must first register the relevant specific skills training activity in RAPI, and attach accrediting documentation so that the PhD tutor accept or not the validation/recognition.